Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Behind on your mortgage or car loan? Do you have unpaid taxes? Tax returns that were never filed? Are you behind in child or spousal support obligations? A Chapter 13 bankruptcy may resolve everything. It can stop foreclosures and repossessions and set you up on an affordable payment plan to pay only what needs to be paid, but it will let you discharge any debts or portions of debts that don’t need to be paid. You will have options to select what you want to pay for and dismiss most or all of the remaining debts.

Only an experienced attorney can objectively analyze your financial circumstances and give you professional advice. We can get you put into a 3 to 5 year plan to pay only what is necessary for you to keep only what you want to pay for. When it is all over your credit rating will likely be better than it is now because you have responsibly dealt with your debts and eliminated obligations and assets that you don’t really need.

Most chapter 13 cases will be filed for only $995.00 in upfront attorney’s fees. The remaining $1,505.00 in fees will be paid through the Plan when you make monthly payments to your assigned Trustee. $2500 flat fee (plus $274 court filing fee)