Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Credit card debts, medical bills, car loans, student loans or tax debts out of control? Facing home foreclosure, a repossession, a garnishment of your wages or any other financial crisis? You are not alone; many today are facing these stresses based on our current economy or on unforeseen misfortunes.

You can learn about the options available to you to help you recover from your debts by meeting with an experienced attorney who will analyze your financial circumstances and explain the legal solutions.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy will relieve you of almost all of your debts and give you options to deal with secured (e.g. your home and car) and priority debts (e.g. child support and alimony). Chapter 7 Bankruptcy will give you a fresh start and you will keep your home, cars, and all that is necessary for a comfortable life. Best of all; your credit rating will very likely improve after you rid yourself from these burdensome debts. Most clients credit scores improve by about 100 points a year after filing for bankruptcy.